Hi Everyone!  So I really hated learning the cloud & visibility restrictions. I kept thinking, this is something I am going to remember now and easily forget later.  So I found breaking it into parts and into what really mattered WAY easier.. So here goes…..

Start with Visibility

Then Clouds

NORMAL = 3 Miles

> 10,000 MSL = 5 Miles

NORMAL =   1,000′ Above, 500′ Below, 2,000′ Horizontal

> 10,000 MSL =  1,000′ Above, 1,000′ Below, 1 Mile Horizontal

This takes takes care of almost everything with a few exceptions to the rules above. But if you know WHY it is easy to remember…

Class G (During the Day)
Visibility = 1 Mile
Clear of Clouds

WHY?:  Class G’s restrictions are less than NORMAL because you are mostly only going to be flying in it when you take off and land.

One LAST Exception – Class B is also Clear of Clouds

As a new pilot I knew I wasn’t going to be flying above 10,000 and probably not into class B airspace so the NORMAL restrictions were most important along with the Class G…

Now I know I didn’t mention the more than 1,200 AGL, but less than 10,000 MSL Class G restrictions.  For good reason… as you know Glass G only goes up to 1200′ AGL so why even have this. Well there are two places on earth where Class G is above 1200′ AGL.  So I’d say remember this just for the test.