As I’m now starting my Instrument training, I’m summarizing information from the ground book for each of the chapters to help myself take in the information better visually. Plus you can use this cheat sheet during pre-flight to make sure IFR required instruments are not beyond their error limits. I also took the time to better understand the Pitot Static System. This website really helped me get a better overall understanding of how it works.  In addition this site explains more about the Gyro driven instruments.


I laid this image out in 2 columns so when it is printed, you can fold it and it fits perfectly in a small binder. See Organizational Video.

*If you see any errors, please leave a comment. Remember all cheat sheets need to be modified for your airport and plane and should not replace anything your CFI tells you!

* Some images for these cheat sheets were taken from online and in some cases modified.