This is an excel doc that I used for flight planning for my check ride. The examiner LOVED it.  The way that I described it was that if I had nothing other than this one sheet, I could safely make it to my destination.  It has everything from my headings, times, frequencies, VORS, alternative airports, etc.  I wanted it to be easy to read so as I’m flying it doesn’t take me very long to find the information.  This isn’t what I used to calculate my distances, gas, etc (I’ll show that in another post).

*You will notice that I did use the excel doc to calculate my decent… how many NM out to start my decent and how many minutes out.  I use an excel equation pulling the data from my flight altitude and final airport destination traffic pattern altitude.

Printed on 11 x 8.5 sheet, then folded, it fits perfectly in the binder. I laid it out so that my flight there was on one side and my flight back on the other. See Organizational Video.

*If you see any errors, please leave a comment. Remember all cheat sheets need to be modified for your airport and plane and should not replace anything your CFI tells you!

VFR Navigation Log_Template

Here is a new Excel Doc created by my great friend Jen Martinez who is working on her Rotorcraft license. She took the standard Flight Plan doc we all received as a student pilot and turned it into a modifiable excel sheet where you can actually plug in the numbers and create calculations if you want to get fancy.