Hello Everyone and Welcome to Blonds in Aviation. I created this website as a place where women AND MEN can share resources and information about aviation.  As a new pilot I found that I struggled with specific things along the way. I’m a very VISUAL LEARNER and in the aviation world, with its tendency to over use acronyms I had a hard time visualizing what in the world I was suppose to do. I needed to SEE it, FEEL it in my body, and most of all UNDERSTAND it, otherwise I had a hard time remembering the information.  There often is a lack of clarity in WHY we do things in aviation.  That WHY, I believe, is what separates good pilots from wise ones.  For example… in ground school I was warned about staying ‘Out of the Clouds’ and had to memorize & calculate ceiling restrictions.   Well, since I didn’t ask WHY, I assumed that going into clouds was dangerous.  I knew clouds contained moisture and are more turbulent and I literally thought that the clouds themselves would be harmful to my plane.  As silly as it sounds, I was sort of afraid of them.  If I had asked WHY,  I would have understood that those restrictions had more to do with VFR / IFR separation than anything else. That IFR planes coming ‘out of the clouds’ and VFR planes directly below them needed that 500′ separation in order to see and avoid one another.  These were the moments where I definitely felt like a BLONDE.  I knew nothing about aviation, weather, engineering, aerodynamics, etc before decided to get my pilots license so much of the information was COMPLETELY new to me.  Hey, it’s humble to ask even the seemingly stupid questions if you just don’t know it.  AND it is wise when you do.  So, to all us BLONDS out there (men included), this blog is for the humble & wise pilot in us all.

~Meira Leonard

Blonde verses Blond? Blonde is feminine and Blond is masculine or both…. thus Blonds in Aviation 🙂