Here is a list of all the maneuvers needed for passing your check ride (S Turns, Steep Turns, Stalls, Short Field & Soft Field take off & landings, etc. It also includes basic notes I took for landings (no power, no flaps, no wind, high wind, gusting,  ice on wings, etc) as a quick reference if the situation arose. I have this in my flight bag even now.  I have to say, that I did not originally create this but Ron Friend, from Galt Airport (a dear friend of mine) first created it and then I spruced it up a bit and made my own modifications to it.

I laid it out in Word in 2 columns so when it is printed, you can fold them and they fit perfectly in the binder. See Organizational Video.

*If you see any errors, please leave a comment. Remember all cheat sheets need to be modified for your airport and plane and should not replace anything your CFI tells you!

Here is another wonderful cheatsheet for referencing Maneuvers. This was generously provided by Majel Baker. Please note altitudes MSL are for KANE and RPM for a C172SP, check with your local airport and flight instructor for the specific ways they tailor their instruction.