Maneuvers & Alternate Landings

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Here is a list of all the maneuvers needed for passing your check ride (S Turns, Steep Turns, Stalls, Short Field & Soft Field take off & landings, etc. It also includes basic notes I took for landings (no power, no flaps, no wind, high wind, gusting,  ice on [...]

Density & Pressure Altitude Cheat Sheet

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Ok, this is everything boiled down into a nut shell.  I took this info from about 5 different references and tried to make visual sense of it all since some of the information seemed to contradict itself.  This took me 8 hours to put together as I was learning [...]

Flight Prep Check Off Lists & Emergency Procedures

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In order to save time, I created this excel doc (which you will want to modify for your own plane) as a quick reference for everything from V-speeds, Pre-Flight, Starting the Plane, Run-up, to Emergency Procedures. It is super condensed so you're not waisting time flipping through information.   [...]

Clouds & Visibility – A Simpler Way to Remember

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Hi Everyone!  So I really hated learning the cloud & visibility restrictions. I kept thinking, this is something I am going to remember now and easily forget later.  So I found breaking it into parts and into what really mattered WAY easier.. So here goes..... [...]

Owning A Plane- Great Resources

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I met Jeremy the owner and creator of Aero-Lites back at Oshkosh 2018. He is a fantastic business owner and has great products with excellent prices. His lights were highlighted on one of the acrobatic planes durning the night air show. Affordable Aviation Lights A simple solution [...]

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