Bay Cities Chapter of the 99s
For student pilots working on their private or sport license
The amount and number of awards varies from year to year 
Application information:
Link to the scholarship page on our site:
The application will be available online by March 1 each year.
The application deadline will be midnight on the second Sunday of April.
Our decision will be made and all applicants notified no later than the second Sunday in May.
Any female student pilot residing Northern California.  (See application for more details.)
Applicant must be at least 16 years of age.
Applicant must be eligible for a private pilot or sport pilot license within the USA.
Applicant must hold a current medical certificate and student pilot certificate.
Applicant must have logged five hours of flight time with a flight instructor.
Applicant does not need to be a member of the 99s.
March 23, 2024

Private Pilots License, Recreational Pilot Certificate

Specific Locations, Women