Col. Robert P. “Rob” Moore began flying as a young person in Raleigh, NC, and earned the Air Transportation Pilot certificate in multiengine airplanes (Gulfstream II/III typed rated), and Commercial Pilot in single engine land and sea airplanes, gliders, and lighter-than-air. Col. Moore also earned FAA Certified Flight Instructor certificates in many aircraft, and has enjoyed introducing many students to the thrill of flying.

Col. Moore has been active in the local aviation community as the owner of 3 aviation businesses, the president of the General Aviation Council of Hawai’i (GATCH), and a member of the Museum’s Board of Directors.

Col. Moore wants to assist people in achieving their goals in aviation. He recognizes that the cost of obtaining pilot certifications at all levels is continually increasing, and is often a deterrent for those who want to fly.

The Col. Robert P. Moore Scholarship offers two different options to assist Hawaii residents with the support and incentive needed to continue their study.

November 1, 2024

Helicopter Rating, Private Pilot-Glider, Private Pilots License, Recreational Pilot Certificate

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