Daryl Hickman at Cub Flying is an FAA-rated Airline Transport Pilot for land and sea airplanes, and holds Commercial Pilot certificates in balloons and gliders, a Light Sport Repairman-Maintenance certificate, as well as a Gold Seal Flight Instructor Certificate for airplanes and gliders. He has successfully trained over 300 students from Sport Pilot through Certificated Flight Instructor. Additionally, Hickman has issued numerous tailwheel endorsements to students in many different aircraft.

This Seaplane Rating scholarship includes flight training in an American Legend AL-18 Cub. Takeoff from the airport and land on beautiful lakes and rivers; Learn Docking, Beaching, Ramping and Sailing; Develop sound weather judgement.

The Atlantic coast of Florida offers pleasant year-round flying and opportunities to master light to moderate winds. With dedication to flight education, each student is treated as a unique client with an individually tailored training program.

May 17, 2024

Seaplane Rating

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