Here is an overview of a bunch of information I gathered about weather and reading charts. There is SO MUCH more I could add.  Other than TAFs, METARs, Winds Aloft, & PIREPS), I don’t think there is a lot more you need to know for flying.  I found that the ground training book was confusing since in practical experience  many weather sources do things differently and call them different names. My recommendation is to choose an online weather source for planning and learn it well.  I prefer especially because their prognosis charts go out for 7 days and the animation allows you to visually see how the weather will move over those 7 days.  Love it!  Other sources like and are also good.

I laid this image out in 2 columns so when it is printed, you can fold it and it fits perfectly in a small binder. See Organizational Video.

*If you see any errors, please leave a comment. Remember all cheat sheets need to be modified for your airport and plane and should not replace anything your CFI tells you!

* Images for these cheat sheets were taken from online, including, and in some cases modified.