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ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service Current/ Forecast Frequency Valid For Levels Area Current Hourly/ Any Time Surface to 25,000' AGL Departure ATIS - Up to 100' AGL 20-60NM Departure ATIS - 5 NM Wind Vis Clouds Flt Cat Temp Dew Alt Wx Rain Sig Wx Ice/Frz [...]

Airspace, Clouds, You Name it!

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So this is the first cheat sheet I created for myself.  I needed to organize everything VISUALLY from Communication Requirements, to Airspace, to Clouds, etc. As I created this, I just kept adding more and more to it.  It is a great reference that I go back to all [...]

Instrument Training- 6 pack

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As I'm now starting my Instrument training, I'm summarizing information from the ground book for each of the chapters to help myself take in the information better visually. Plus you can use this cheat sheet during pre-flight to make sure IFR required instruments are not beyond their error limits. [...]

Weather, Charts, Cold & Warm Fronts

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Here is an overview of a bunch of information I gathered about weather and reading charts. There is SO MUCH more I could add.  Other than TAFs, METARs, Winds Aloft, & PIREPS), I don't think there is a lot more you need to know for flying.  I found that [...]

Calculate Weight & Balance and Take-off & Landing Distances

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Download this excel document to easily calculate your weight & balances as well as take-off & landing distances. The video walks you through which cells in the spreadsheet to change and which ones will auto calculate for you so that it is easy to use for each of your [...]

Heading, Course, Bearing, Magnetic, True

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Here is a cheat sheet showing the difference between true course, headings, & bearings along with a list of what is described in magnetic verses true, and statute miles (SM) verses nautical miles (NM). I laid it out in Word in 2 columns so when it is printed, you [...]

Landing Procedures, Airport Lighting & Signage

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Here is a cheat sheet I created listing out visually everything from landing procedures, airport lighting & signs, beacons, and approach indicators. I laid it out in Word in 2 columns so when it is printed, you can fold them and they fit perfectly in the binder. See Organizational [...]

Maneuvers & Alternate Landings

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Here is a list of all the maneuvers needed for passing your check ride (S Turns, Steep Turns, Stalls, Short Field & Soft Field take off & landings, etc. It also includes basic notes I took for landings (no power, no flaps, no wind, high wind, gusting,  ice on [...]

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